40 Second Sponge Cake Recipe

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I am not kidding with the post title, this sponge really takes 40 seconds(cooking time), no more tedious beating, and toiling over the batter. This sponge is as easy as turning the dial on your microwave(which is what you will use to cook it)

Are you interested yet? Well you certainly must be to have continued with the article, but here’s the catch now. You may not need the oven anymore, but to actually do this recipe, you will need another piece of kitchen equipment: The Whipped Cream Charger.

The Whipped Cream Charger, or Espuma, is the device behind the airy sounding molecular gastronomy foods like chocolate clouds, truffle foams or vanilla air. And you probably see it on a daily basis when you visit your favorite Starbucks and the barista pumps a helping of whipped cream on your frappucino.

What it does is to inject high pressured Nitrous Oxide into the liquid to aerate it rapidly, creating a light fluffy end product. It makes 5 – 10 minutes of whisking work go away in a second.

I first came across the notion of instant sponge cakes watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, where he was at El Bulli, and Albert Adria┬ádemonstrate his 40 second sponge, I was blown away but the simplicity of it!

After finally getting my hands on a Espuma, and much digging around on the internet, I finally got a recipe that I liked from www.playingwithfireandwater.com. What I like about this cake is the ease and its form, it opens up a whole new avenue for creating desserts.

40 second Sponge Cake Recipe

40 second Sponge Cake Recipe

  • - Whole eggs - 4
  • - Sugar - 80g
  • - Salt - 1.5g
  • - Flour - 21g **
  • - Dark Chocolate - 105g
  • - Nitrous Oxide Capsules - 2
  • - Chop chocolate into small chunks
  • - Melt chocolate with microwave, doing so in short intervals so as to not burn it
  • - Beat eggs, salt and sugar together
  • - Mix in flour and continue beating
  • - Mix in chocolate and incorporate
  • - Sieve mixture to remove any lumps
  • - Pour mixture into espuma and charge with 2 capsules of nitrous oxide
  • - Shake well
  • Cooking:
  • - Dispense cake mixture into a plastic cup, filling up one third of the cup
  • - Microwave at medium - high power for 40 seconds **
  • - Remove cup from microwave
  • - On a hard surface, flip the cup upside down and tap it on the suface a few times to release the sponge
  • - Enjoy and create !


- Adjust the power and time accordingly if you are not getting results.

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  1. Hi,

    I have recieved a whipped cream dispenser from abroad but the N2O cartridges were not allowed to fly. Do you know a place in singapore where I could buy those or a website that would?


  2. Hello Bastien!

    There is a shop called Seah Huat/Sia Huat on temple street, chinatwon that you can get the N20 cartridges. I got mine from them. You should be able to get from ToTT <> as well.

    • thank you very much

  3. Hi Jacob,

    The Espuma sounds so interesting! Is it possible to purchase it in Singapore?


    • Hi Jane,

      Yes it is, I believe you can get it at big departmental stores like Tangs, but it will be quite expensive there. Otherwise you can try stores that specially supply equipment to kitchens like Lau Choy Seng and Sia Huat at Chinatown (Temple Street).

  4. Great recipe, it worked!! Hubby tried another recipe but his didn’t work, so I had to come into the kitchen and assist LOL. Just needed a few more seconds in the microwave. Had got some left in the siphon in the fridge so will see how that turns out.


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