Heston Blumenthal’s Fish and Chips Recipe

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Fish and Chips is without a doubt an iconic dish that represents the British, with a short history of 150 years, this dish has appeared everywhere. From the streets of Britain, to sunny Singapore, even appearing in various forms of literature like Oliver Twist and The Lord of the Rings. I love Fish and Chips, especially with a good dash of vinegar.

I must admit, I am a bit conflicted to post this recipe, complicated is not the word really, I’ve had my fare share of complicated recipes with multiple steps. The essence in this recipe is the ingredients, and that’s what really sets everything apart. Turbot fillets are difficult to come by in Singapore, I’ve tried a number of suppliers/fishmarkets and it’s either not carried, or seasonal and out of stock. I settled for the old favorite of cod instead, try to get the best cut your money can buy. you want to get the unctuous, fatty cuts that would be really moist and beautiful after deep frying. getting inferior cuts would result in a dry tasteless meal.

Another thing mentioned in Heston Blumenthal’s book is fish with high amounts of collagen, which would break down into gelatin and contribute to the moistness of the fish. Once such fish to recommend would be halibut, but halibut tends to have smaller flakes than fish like cod or turbot.

I left out making the chips, simply because I was more excited about the fish, and the chips are harder to obtain in terms of ingredients. It calls for the Maris Piper and Arran Victory varieties, both of which I’ve never even heard of. Plus I’ve never seen any grocer locally that plays any emphasis on potato varietals. So frozen store bought was what I used.

So why am I still writing this post ?  The batter. I think that Chef Heston has come up with a great recipe  and method that maintains its crispiness even in our obscenely humid climate. I liked it so much I decided to batter my chips as well. You do have to own a whipped cream charger or espuma though.

Heston Blumenthal’s Fish and Chips Recipe
  • Enough for half a pack of chips and 2 fillets of fish
  • - Plain Flour - 100g
  • - Rice Flour - 100g + extra for dusting
  • - Baking Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
  • - Honey - 1/2 tablespoon
  • - Vodka - 150 ml
  • - Lager - 150 ml (Kronenbourg 1664 is suggested)
  • - Fish Fillets - 2 large pieces ( Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Turbot if you can get any if not Halibut is acceptable)
  • - Chips - Half a Bag
  • - Vinegar - Preferably Malt, to sprinkle on the fried products.
  • - CO2 charges - 3 canisters
  • Equipment you'll need:
  • - Mixing Bowl
  • - Measuring Jug
  • - Whipped cream charger
  • - Bowl
  • - Deep pan for frying/Cocotte/Casserole
    Preparing the Batter:
  • - Mix plain flour, rice flour and baking powder together in mixing bowl
  • - Mix honey and vodka in jug
  • - Stir vodka into the flour mixture and mix well
  • - Open bottle of lager just before pouring into the batter mix (to retain as much fizziness)
  • - Mix batter to incorporate lager
  • - Transfer into whipped cream charger
  • - Charge with all CO2 charges
  • - Chill for 30 minutes
  • Mise-En-Place:
  • - Wash and dry fish fillets
  • - Portion out the fillets into about 8 pieces
  • - Season with salt and pepper
  • - Dust with rice flour to help batter stick
  • - Shake off any excess flour
  • Cooking:
  • - Heat enough oil to cover fillets in a large pan or casserole (I used my cocotte)
  • - Let the oil temperature reach 200 degrees celsius
  • - Remove whipped cream charger from the fridge
  • - Shake vigorously
  • - Dispense a small amount of batter into the bowl, just enough to dip the fish into
  • - Lower the completely cover fish into the batter and fry for about a minute until the batter turns to a golden brown.
  • - As the fish is frying, drizzle extra batter left in the bowl over it to add extra crispiness
  • - Remove the fried fish and repeat for remaining pieces and chips
  • - Once done, sprinkle vinegar over and a little extra salt and pepper. serve !

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  1. I love a good fish & chips. Made one that has the same Fish & Co crust but it was like beginner’s luck. Didn’t get the same crispy crust again. By the way, what’s a whipped cream charger?

  2. There are a few names for it : isi whip/espuma/ whip cream charger. You know the aluminium bottle at Starbucks where they dispense whipped cream? That’s the one.

  3. OMG i would love to have some of that! yums!!

  4. lovely recipe! not sure if you can advise but where can we get halibut in Singapore? I visited a few wet markets but no dice.

    • Hi Shawn, you can try greenwood fish market, I actually got the halibut for this recipe in the supermarket, but I’ve never seen it around again there. My best bet would be greenwood.

  5. Thanks! (sorry forgot to check back this page :)

    • Hi Shawn, no worries! I hope you find it!



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