Dark Soy Sauce Braised Pork Recipe

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This braised pork dish is one of my favorite dishes cooked by my mother, I’ve never thought about how it was made and took it for granted that it will always be made for me. And then a random thought came into my mind, that one day she will not be around anymore, and no one will make it from then on. I shudder at that thought, and even though she’s is still far far away from that event. I got her to teach me anyway.

This is very different from what I do, I know. I am usually the fufu French/Italian food guy, but hey, I’m Chinese and I eat my pasta with chopsticks. But yes, this is all for the memory and preservation of family recipes so bear with me.

Dark Soy Sauce Braised Pork, My Mother’s Recipe

Yield: Feeds family of 5 for 2-3 days

Dark Soy Sauce Braised Pork, My Mother’s Recipe

  • - Pork trotters - 3 Nos (Get the butcher to chop them up)
  • - Pork skin - 1 KG
  • - Garlic - 10 - 12 cloves
  • - Cinnamon - 4 sticks
  • - Sichuan Peppercorn - 10 -15 nos
  • - Rock Sugar - 2 medium sized knobs
  • - Hard boiled eggs - As many as you want to have
  • - Dark soy sauce - 1 bottle
  • Equipment you need:
  • - Large pot
  • - Fill large pot with water and bring to a boil
  • - Add in pork trotters and give them a quick blanch
  • - Repeat this process twice, to reduce the pork-y smell from trotters
  • Cooking:
  • - Place all your ingredients into the pot, if you want to reduce the amount of soy sauce used, leave out 1/4 of the bottle and top up with water
  • - Bring to a boil and simmer over 4 hours
  • - After 4 hours, do a taste test and season with salt or sugar accordingly

To be honest, this recipe is extremely simple, but cliche as it may sound, I really believe it is the heart of the cook that truly makes it spectacular.
Here are some tips from my mother:
- The pork skin is absolutely essential, as it cooks the collagen dissolves into the braising liquid, giving it a full and rich body, plus you could remove the fat layer from the skin (ask your butcher, or do it yourself). The pork skin is not only great in providing that smooth texture that the Chinese adore, it’s also good for the skin and hair, so ladies you might not want to miss this.
- Adding rock sugar helps to give it that deep dark color.
- Sichuan Peppercorns should not be added excessively, you are not having Sichuan cuisine.
I’m pretty certain most chinese families will have a recipe of their own, it’s just a matter of it’s continuity. Hopefully such traditional fares do not die out, and can carry one long after our grandmothers and mothers’ times.
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  1. simple and homely :) will try to make this hearty dish soon. thanks for sharing!

  2. So lucky u have your mother’s recipe to follow…all my grandparents passed on before i could get my hands on their recipes!

    • Maybe you can try to make a generic recipe ? Then add a little this and that by trial and error in hopes to get back something close enough?

  3. Hello just a tip to share. The pig trotters will taste more fragrant & delicious if you sauteed them with the spices & dark sauce after blanching till it emits some aroma, before transferring them to the pot for simmering. Sauteing some Chinese Shiitake mushrooms together with the trotters also makes the dish more fragrant. Hope this helps! :)

    • Thanks for the tip! Will try that out the next time I cook this!

  4. Thanks for sharing


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