Pork Rillettes Recipe

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Rillettes! Rustic, but luxurious spreads on top of crusty slices of bread, party appetisers or even a nice part of a hearty sunday breakfast. I’ve made a couple types of rillettes already, but I must say that pork is my favorite. On top of being an easy recipe, the ingredients are easy to source for, just go to the local market for the meat and fat; and the entire cost of the recipe wouldn’t be nearly as much kilogram for kilogram compared to the other recipes I’ve done. Salmon rillettes cost more for the salmon fillet and the duck fat for duck rillettes is just plain hard to get. The different types of meat have their own pros, different flavour profiles, slightly different textures, but it you are looking for something lower cost and dependable, pork is the way to go

Pork Rillettes Recipe

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 5 hours

Yield: 1.5kg

  • Pork Fat - 500g
  • Pork Collar - 1.5kg
  • Water - 50ml
  • Salt - 20g
  • Thyme - 2 sprigs
  • - Wash and pat dry the meat and fat
  • - Cut up the pork fat into large dice
  • - Cut up the meat into large cubes
  • - Toss the meat in salt
  • Cooking:
  • - In a cold pot, add in the pork fat
  • - Pour in water
  • - Add the meat and thyme sprigs
  • - Over medium heat, bring to a boil
  • - Skim off any scum the surfaces
  • - Reduce to a simmer and let cook for 3-4 hours
  • By this time, the meat should be very tender, you can test a piece! What you want to do now is to force out whatever moisture than remains in the rillettes.
  • - Turn the heat back up to medium
  • - Use a wooden spoon to mix the rillettes, scrape the bottom to prevent burning
  • - This would shred the meat at the same time
  • - When the fat is clear, and the meat has browned a little further, the rillettes are ready to store
  • - Sterilise your glass jar
  • - Dry your jars thoroughly
  • - Place rillettes inside
  • - Fill with enough liquid fat to have a 1-2cm layer on top
  • - Store chilled for at least 3 days before consumption.


The fat layer acts to preserve the rillettes, don't skip this step!

Always handle rillettes with clean kitchen utensils to avoid spoiling the rillettes.

The ideal temperature to eat rillettes are at room temperature when the fat starts to be a little runny.

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