This page is specifically for Public Relations Executives and Business Owners who have or are thinking to engage us to write a review for their establishment or products

Thanks for your interest in!

Just so you know what you get yourself into when you engage us, this is to give you a clear picture of how it is like here at We strive to provide valuable and fresh content to our readers, and at the same time we have a certain modus operandi, so here are a few things you should know:

Inviting us to your event – and our attending of the said event – does not guarantee you or your client a written article on this website. There may be a number of reasons that may cause your restaurant or product to be featured on this website. If that happens, there is little chance that we will be swayed into writing something for sake of it. That being said, we want to point out that we’re not trying to be donkeys and give you a hard time on purpose. I might write to you personally about what went wrong in my point of view, don’t take it personally, I mean no offence.

On attending the event or participating in the product review, we may do one (or all) of the following:
1. Tweet about the event/restaurant
2. Post a picture(s) up on Instagram
3. Talk about it on Facebook
4. Write an article about it

If we’ve made factual mistakes, we will edit the written article to ensure all content is accurate. However, we will not edit our written opinion just because the restaurant/company demands it, if our opinion changes, another article might be written in the future, but our opinion stands at that point of writing, unless we are proven wrong!

On the other hand, we give you our personal assurance that we will do our utmost in collecting detailed information and quality photographs to write with.

In the event that the written article is seen as unfavourable to the respective companies, it is done so with no malice intended, but as mentioned before, our opinions stands and we will not edit or remove the article.

Photographs and written articles are our intellectual property, and we would appreciate if permission was sought before the companies decide to use them for any purpose. We reserve every right to seek removal of our content should they be used without consent.

If you are unable to agree to the terms in this page, you may retract your offer to me.

Jacob Leong,