I have no affiliation to the restaurants I write about, nor bear any ill will toward them. I am simply relating my experiences and opinions of the said venues. While I have good faith that any less-than-satisfactory dining experience may be a one-off experience, I stand by my words and will not seek to change them unless I am proven wrong. My focus often falls upon the restaurant’s service staff and the food quality.

I do not see myself as a food critic, I believe my palette is not as developed to fulfill that role. Hence I do not give ratings, points or whatnots. I will relate to my experiences in the restaurants , a “review” if you may.

While we do attend the occasional media invited tasting session, the same critical eye for service standards and quality of food will be placed upon the establishment. Since it’s generally understood that service standards will be unusually impeccable during a media session, we will apply a highly level of scrutiny to compensate where ever possible.

If you want to engage my services in a paid endorsement of your product/restaurant/business (which I will not guarantee favourable reviews) or want to put up an advertising banner on my site, please contact me.

In most of my recipes, the amounts stated are guidelines, and can be tweaked based on personal preferences.

**For Pastry & Baking recipes, amounts should be adhered to as precision is required to achieve a good product.

To everyone reading, please leave a note gastronomic or photographic, constructive criticism is always welcome.