Hello! Welcome to COOKSNAPEATLOVE.

If you are reading this page, chances are you don’t really know about us, so please bear with the introduction!

COOKSNAPEATLOVE is a food blog run by 2 Melbourne-based Singaporeans. We write about food, covering topics from recipes, restaurant reviews, food-related events and food education.

Loves food. A self professed food nerd, Jacob can rattle on about food all day long. Half-trained in French cuisine and crazy about yeast. Geeky with the tools of the trade, he loves his knives and goes by the Anthony Bourdain saying: “Don’t touch my ****, don’t touch my knife.” Other than that, a really nice guy.

Ran Patisserie Framboise alongside Jacob. Plays with fondant like it’s play-dough. Fully trained in Pastry & Baking. Also loves South-East Asian food and is the main contributor of Singaporean recipes.


Attended culinary school together, Jacob dropped out halfway after some serious life evaluation, he still speaks fondly of his time in the professional kitchen. Chloe went on to finish it. We went on into a joint venture called Patisserie Framboise, making designer cakes in Singapore. In 2014, we moved to Melbourne to experience life on a different side of the pond, hoping to expand our horizons.

What To Expect:
COOKSNAPEATLOVE is very recipe centric, while we love to eat out and experience new things, we spent 70% of our time thinking about cooking stuff and feeding our friends and family. A lot of the posts will be recipes, and also about the basics of cooking. We like to think of the blog as platform for food lovers to learn more about food and cooking, that’s why Fridays are dedicated to <<Word of the Week>>, short, bite-sized bits of information about a random food related word. Occasionally, we would share about the food industry, sometimes revealing the secrets and scandals that the general public might be unaware of.

Long story short, we really hope to be a website that a food-lover would bookmark on their browser.

We’d also love to hear from you! If you have something to say or a question to ask, let us know!
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