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Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Have you ever had a taste of a dish that blew your mind so much that you obsessed about it? Something that you just needed to be able to make, so that you could satisfy your cravings? This is one of them for me. My first taste was in Melbourne, at Red Spice Road QV,...


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Dry Chicken Curry

This is a recipe from a South African friend that I met in Melbourne. I’m not a curry expert and I can’t tell you exactly what kind of curry this is. This curry is not like the Singaporean Chinese version with coconut milk. Its a dry curry, but its so flavourful and...

Stir Fried Prawn Noodles Recipe

This dish, is one of my all time favourites! (Yes, I know, I have too many  favourites!) Hokkien mee/Hokkien hae mee may represent different dishes within Asia. In case you get confused, when you order a plate of Hokkien mee (福建面) in Singapore, aka Char hae mee (炒虾面),...


St Ali, South Melbourne

Scrambled Eggs Flat White Koo Coo Ka Choo Hot Chocolate South Melbourne is home to a few great cafes, a nice area a short distance away from the bustling city, it’s a great place to spend your Sunday mornings. St Ali is located a short distance away from South...


Common Man Coffee Roasters, Singapore

There’s nothing common about Common Man Coffee Roasters, they made that statement with their doors; a pair of griffins with glowing red eyes stand guard, watching every patron as they go past. I expected a quirky, almost awkward shophouse with mismatched...

Penny University, Singapore

I’ve heard a lot of raving about Penny University, and about how busy it is. It’s one of the rare few specialty coffee and brunch places in the east side of Singapore, so I just had to check them out.   Upon entering the small air-conditioned shophouse,...